¡FIGARO! (90210)

Composed by: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Librettist: Vid Guerrerio
Directed By: Melissa Crespo
Off-Broadway: The Duke on 42 Street

Conducted by: Raphael Fusco
Costumes by: Lux Haac
Lighting by: Gina Scherr
Props by: Ricola Willie

“The performance on Tuesday night won laughs galore and a big ovation from an audience that included Placido Domingo, who presented ¡Figaro! (90210) at the Los Angeles Opera…I’ll bet [Lorenzo Da Ponte] and Mozart would have loved this show”

Anthony Tommasini
The New York Times

"Palm trees in view from sliding glass doors, luxurious furnishings, columns and hedges are the hallmarks of scenic designer Steven C. Kemp’s artful set that instantly and clearly establishes the locale."

Darryl Reilly