By: George Kelly
Directed by: Jerry Ruiz
Off-Broadway: Mint Theater Company

Costumes by: Carisa Kelly
Lighting by: Christian DeAngelis
Sound by: Toby Algya
Props by: Joshua Yocum

"the production is most impressive in Steven C. Kemp’s gorgeous, finely detailed sets for Mrs. Randolph’s sitting room (Act I) and the common room at Mrs. Ferris’s (Act Ii), and even more so in the change from one to the other during intermission. The Mint’s stage has no flies and appears to offer very little moving or storage space in the wings or behind the playing area, yet the sets for each act are vastly dissimilar in appearance. (Not only are the walls different colors, they’re also angled differently.) I’m still marveling over how the set change could possibly have been made during the course of a 15-minute intermission, but probably best to chalk it up to theatrical magic – which of course really comes down to the talents and hard work of a brilliant designer and stage crew."

Michael Portantiere