By: Richard Wagner
Directed by: Brad Dalton
Opera San Jose, CA

Conducted by: Joseph Marcheso
Costumes by: Johann Steigmeir
Lighting by: David Lee Cuthbert
Projections by: Ian Wallace

"The set for Opera San Jose's production of The Flying Dutchman is so fully realized that it should count as a member of the cast—breathing life into the austere treachery of the sea. Set on a slant from on high down toward the orchestra pit, the stage works as a representation of the ship's hull, as well as a gently sloping shore. This optical illusion is reinforced by the use of a three-sided digital projection of the stormy ocean, which changes and shifts tone depending on the scene.

It is an arresting set—minimal yet powerful and capable of shifting seamlessly between the salty deck of a working vessel and the haunted hold of a ship lost in time. Working in contrasts, Opera San Jose finds the perfect way to display the moods of death and mythos in the midst of a tender love story."

Tad Malone

“I have now experienced ten different productions of Wagner’s The Flying Dutchman in my opera-going lifetime, but Opera San Jose’s just might be the finest. First, the company has chosen to tell the story and serve the composition, rather than impose a concept and serve themselves.”

James Sohre
Opera Today